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Mark and Graham is a part of Williams Sonoma, Inc. Founded in 2012, they create beautifully crafted products out of leather and sustainable materials.


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Upholstery coordinator (Current Employee) says

"This company is horrible. They care only about the money. I'm so disgusted there is not enough time or space for all I have to tell. They waste everything and don't recycle. Cons: Everything"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"I worked at this company for around 2 months. It was extremely chaotic, the training was confusing and hard to comprehend, and it was nonstop rude customers all day. Supervisors were rude and often talked back. Cons: Everything"

Call Center Representative/Customer Service (Current Employee) says

"I have worked in customer service for over a decade. I have been in great places and I have been in not such great places. This company by far is the worst. And maybe not for the reasons you may think. the customers are all rich who think their problems out shadow the world's problems. this is normal, I have never met a customer who thought they were not owed the entire world due to a minor inconvenience. However, this company does not have a way to make things better. When a customer calls asking about a $3000 couch delivery and we have no way of telling them where it is, that is a problem. Sure we can check the system, but often times it's WRONG! Sure we can transfer the caller but they will get the same exact run around each time. I will be honest, if I were a customer, I would be furious if no one can tell me where my stuff is. And the training is laughable. I was thrown into another specialty before I even had my bearings with the first list of jobs I had. I was not ready but we did it and because I am a good agent I learned as I went along, but man hire people for those jobs you need people in and train them well! Do not rush it then say "It's not that hard" yes someone actually said this to me. Then the trainer's man, I had two in total, one was amazing. My first trainer was a complete trainwreck. I pride myself on being a great student, I tend to listen and ask questions when confused, I even offer to help others in the class. HOWEVER, being the mother of a small child in this pandemic has been extremely difficult. From schools and daycares closing to now distance learning,"

Customer Service Associate (Current Employee) says

"Training is everything all the reviews have said.. spot on. The system shuts you down continuously and you get points for that. Power went out and you get points for that .. certain amount of points and your let go. Could be a great system definitely needs work ."

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"They ask a lot of you, but the pay falls short for what’s they’re asking. The hours were good for me. 5 am to 1:30 pm was just right. But the job itself was a drag. Cons: Hard work, low pay"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Please do not work for this company, they fire you so quick.. they fired me during training the company and management sucks. would not recommend at all and very disorganized. Cons: horrible company"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Fired me after two days, told me I "abandoned" my job, which I didn't. Called the help line both days to confirm I would be absent. Sent me a follow up e-mail to say they were updating their records to confirm I did not abandon my job but to reapply in 30 days and there would be no guarantee I got the job. You are just a number to them! Cons: Everything"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"First, You are "rushed" through on-boarding/training. You must PASS to be hired. Management gives you absolutely NO SUPPORT! They won't help you with customers when customers are angry. They will leave them on hold, only for you to apologize and tell the customer the manager is not available! Management tells you all throughout training they will be there to support you and this is NOT TRUE!! During the holidays, calls are endless and you are timed throughout every call. You have absolutely no support whatsoever! Every shift that I worked, ended in tears!! Cons: No help or support from management!"

Call Center Representative (Current Employee) says

"Work-life balance"

Adecco Temp Service (Former Employee) says

"They show favoritism to their own kind. They don't train properly and expect the employees to be loyal when they are not. The job is easy and the people you meet can be amazing, but management treats you like a child and can be extremely petty. Cons: All the supervisors are fake"

Care Center Representative (Former Employee) says

"Time off will never be approved. Never have a child if you work here. Basically never do anything that would require you to need time off. Cons: Everything"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"This is the worst job/experience I’ve had in a long time. It’s taken a toll on my mental health. Irrational, entitled customers, and no support from management. Rushed training with a very rude trainer and then thrown on the phones for 10 hours a day. Constantly monitored to the point that you get a notification if you use the restroom and leave the phone. Weird point system that doesn’t allow sick days and gives points for no reason that will never be corrected. Taking calls from 6 different stores for little pay. Not worth the mental anguish. Cons: As stated above"

Culinary Chef Expert (Former Employee) says

"● Work-life balance"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Training was a blur. Nothing that you "learn" there will actually help you on the phones. Management doesn't want to talk to customers, there's nothing you can honestly do for the customer (unless it's to tell them that their item is ready to ship) and no one knows what they're doing, honestly. Customers are very rude and that behavior is reinforced because a lot of them know how to manipulate the system. Cons: Everything else"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"This job was horrible right after the first two weeks of training, which are by the way just modules you read and are expected to remember. Right after the modules you're thrown into taking calls and it is a horrible, draining experience. The customers are rich and entitled and believe you should be able to do anything that they ask of you even when you explain that it is impossible. The mangement team is horrible at helping you and insisit you use the Carebot and articles why you listen to a customer bereate you and when you ask for help their very dry with their responses to you. You have to take constant notes in the system while your talking with the customer which can be tedious. The pay is also 12.50 which I think is ludcrious for all the tasks they ask of you. They also reiterate constanly that you are being watched so watch what you say and how you say it. I know they moniter your calls so it is not necessary to constanly repeat that. It's like they use it as a fear tatic. I could not take that stress and had to walk away. I was drained and dreaded work everyday. Cons: Short Breaks, Horrible Management, Horrible Customers"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The most horrible company i ever worked for. They are a high end retailer, and cater to rich people needs.. They are a money driven company, and have no regard for the employees. The wages are extremely low, for the amount stress you get. The customers are horrible and the . The company managements is poor. the company cares nothing for the employees, absolute disaster . The worst company i ever worked for, never work here Cons: Management sucks"

Sales Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"The managment does not want to listen to anyone to fix issues, they would reather bury thier heads in the sand. So many issues with this company. Lack of seats for staff and mamagment. Supervisors shuck reponsibitlites hoping someone else will pick up the slack. Cons: Lack of organization skills"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"If you don't believe me, call the customer service number anytime eight-eight8-nine22-four119. Regardless of day or time, you will hear, "we are experiencing longer than usual call times...." BS! More like, long hold times are normal and we don't hire enough people. Cons: everything that is customer"

At Home Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I read all the bad reviews before accepting this job but I accepted a position because I wanted to see for myself was it just disgruntled employees bashing the company or was it a nice company to work for . Well in less than a week in training, I found out for myself that the trainers do not care or even have knowledge themselves. Cons: Bad training. low pay, no help"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"This job is completely different than what was explained to me when I was hired. The lack of leadership when it comes to training instantly sets up employees for failure. When I was first scheduled to interview with Williams Sonoma, the interviewer never showed up. I waited for 15 minutes past the interview time and called the number given to me to ask what had happened. The person who answered the phone promised he would call me back to let me know what happened or to schedule another interview. He never called even after giving me a time frame of when he would call. I did not receive an email or any form of contact from Williams Sonoma until 3 days later for an interview reschedule. The interview went great and I was hired that day. Then the next day, more problems began. I was scheduled for a Zoom meeting to show my legal documents. Again I showed up on time, waited for someone to show up to the meeting and after 45 minutes of waiting, no one showed up. No emails, no contact, nothing. I promptly emailed them asking what happened and the HR rep put the blame on me and said it was my fault. After all of that was sorted out, I began training. By day 3 of training, new rules were added that were never explained to me nor talked about in the hiring process. When hired, I selected the flex schedule option that best fit my schedule, but did not know until a week after making the selection that the selection offered to me was not one I could even choose to begin with. So now my schedule and plans have to change because of the company’s inability to communicate properly. Which shows Cons: Everything else."

Rachel Rimmer says

"I will never order from Mark and Graham again. I ordered two items, was charged for both and only received one item. I was never refunded for the item I didn’t receive even after talking to customer service and being assured that my refund would happen in 3-5 business days. The quality of the products is very poor, as well."

Anne Temple says

"I ordered a luggage piece to be monogrammed prior to a special trip. It arrived with the wrong monogram. They issued a replacement which never arrived. The third or fourth time I called they issued $100 gift card and I kept the original piece which I guess I felt was a fair compromise. On my next order of a jewelry travel case and a set of passport and luggage tag, the jewelry case arrived and was well done. The passport/tag did not have the monogram. When I called back to have it replaced they again sent the same set without a monogram. On my third try they did not have the set in stock. After many many many minutes/hours of talking they agreed to send an upgraded set for the price I paid but I did have to pay for the monogram. Needless to say the set arrived again without a monogram. Now I’ve called again and they issued a replacement. It did not arrive—and I called back and they said it was scheduled to arrive in September —9 months from now. I said I would consider taking the refund and placing a new order if they could assure me of the same price I paid. I got disconnected which was weird. No call back. I called back with a new agent- explained the situation. In the meantime, I saw the same products online with an estimated delivery date of next week. When I explained this to the woman she said that inventory can change rapidly. I said I thought something seemed funny and that if everything was going to ship in September how could they listed as a next week delivery. She assured me they do “ethical business” several times which I think sounds shady AF. I also found the passport and the luggage tags individually listed also with an estimated ship date of next week. Again we got “disconnected”. I’m beginning to think there’s some sort of customer service stipulation that if you don’t resolve your call in 25 minutes that you get dinged because this isn’t the first time I’ve been disconnected. All in all I’ve spent an inordinate number of hours on the phone with customer service agents, only received one product done correctly and in time. if I calculate how much I could get paid per hour they owe me money. Don’t order unless you’re prepared for a battle."

Lynn Waldsmith says

"HORRIBLE!!!!! Do NOT order anything from this company!!!! I purchased a leather backpack as a Christmas gift. One minute after ordering it I realized that I forgot to add monogramming, so I immediately called Mark & Graham and asked to please cancel the order so that I could re-order the same item with monogramming. Or, I could simply update the existing order. Either way, Mark & Graham stood to make more money. But I was told that it was already "in processing" and this could not be done. Remember, I had JUST placed the order so it was not in any kind of real "processing". Give me a break. Any other reputable retail company I know provides the customer with AT LEAST 30-60 minutes to cancel an order. Despite repeated calls, I was told that the only thing I could do was order a SECOND leather backpack, then return the one I didn't want. After Christmas I did exactly that. TEN days after returning the unwanted backpack via UPS and having to pay for shipping, I had heard nothing from Mark & Graham, which was really no surprise. I had to call and ask why I had not yet received my refund. The customer service rep, who mumbled and I could barely hear despite telling him repeatedly that the audio quality was quite poor, said that there was no record of the item being returned. I told him I had proof that the item had been received 10 days earlier and I provided him with the tracking number. After repeatedly being put on hold and waiting for 40 minutes for an answer, he told me that I would receive a refund. FINALLY! But he also told me that I would receive an email THAT DAY confirming that the refund was being processed. Of course, this was not true, but I finally received the email the next day. I will NEVER purchase anything from this company again!!!!!"

Chelsea Paspalas says

"I will never order from this company again. Ordered a dog sweater, which took FOREVER to get to me and was so small, but in the biggest box (beyond wasteful). The measurements and sizing were off to say the least. I paid for my own return label, but STILL had the money deducted from my refund (which also took FOREVER). On top of all that, I never selected gift wrapping, but was charged for it and never refunded."

Megan Jeffries says

"I wish I would’ve read reviews here before ordering. The bag is fine and monogram placement is fine, but after less than a week of carrying it, the monogram is scratching off. Customer service said since it was final sale, they can’t replace and will only refund the monogram charge (15% of the total charge). Not feeling great about this purchase."

Becky says

"I ordered a non-monogrammed clutch for my daughter . I received a monogrammed with someone else's initials. Called received replacement but was charged for it! $ calls later still have not received my money back after being charged twice when it was their mistake. I no longer trust this company."

Desiree A. says

"I wish I could leave negative stars. I ordered two monogrammed leather bags - both times the monogram was absolutely terrible. The monograms on both bags were half chipped on one when it arrived, and OFF-center when they arrived. I called customer service, and reordered / exchanged for new bags and the second set of replacement bags were worst than the first! The second customer service person I spoke with became short, rude, and indignant with me and said they would not be return the bags, but I would receive a merchandise credit instead of a REFUND for THEIR mistake. I told him - no thanks - I will be filing a CHARGE BACK for both items will be getting my money back in full. The bags themselves seem pretty nice, but the monograms are literally the worst I've ever seen. I will never order from this company again."

Cara Beard says

"Absolutely horrible experience! After being on the phone 3 times with a total of 2 hours they could not “cancel” my order even though it was an error on their part. Finally they said it was canceled however, they LIED and I received the same order 3 weeks later and was charged 3 times!!!!!!"

Dan S says

"DO NOT order from this company. They claim that 100% customer satisfaction is their goal. But, when I found out, AFTER I already received my product, that it was non-returnable, I contacted their customer service to return my product and was told that any product whose price ends in .x9 is considered a "Final Sale" and is not returnable. I told them that I find this very shady because I was not told up front that this was the case. I only found it out when I tried to return it online and couldn't. Only then did I find out it was not returnable. Obviously, that's a little too late. When I pushed back, I was told that they were very sorry, but that was the policy. They again reiterated that they were committed to 100% customer satisfaction, but would not make an exception. Be forewarned!!"

Michelle Gurino says

"Do not order from Mark and Graham !! They absolutely spoiled my Christmas. It’s a long long story, but to make it short I ordered 9 Christmas presents on Nov 16th and my order never arrived !! I called several times to remedy this a early as Dec 4th and not one person was competent. I even spoke to manager and she seemed like she was going to help me, but to no avail. Now here I am in Christmas Eve scrambling to find 9 presents. I will NEVER order from them and I would advise anyone else against it as well. If I could not give them any stars I would."

Diane Carlson says

"I ordered a gift on Nov 30th for my son's birthday on 12/24 and still nothing has arrived and today it gave me a delivery date of Dec 21-May 18!! There is no real-time tracking, customer service says it will take 24-48 hrs just to get back to me, and although there's nothing in my cart, they keep sending me automated notices to order this item. This is the second time I've had troubles with my order and now I will never again. No one needs more stress these days."

Kim Lonergan says

"Ordered acrylic wine and champagne glasses. They feel and look cheap. Nothing like the ones I have purchased from other vendors at a better price point. Very poor quality."

Erika says

"Do not recommend at all!! According to "holiday shipping cutoffs" from their shipping information, I was supposed to be able to receive the item I ordered by Dec. 10th. (Because I ordered on Nov.27th!) But finally finally it arrived today Dec.19th.. Also, I paid extra $12 for gift wrap and it was not even wrapped! It was also supposed to come with message card but it did not... I am contacting customer service for the refund for this stupid wrapping cost. But who knows? after I read some reviews from here, I am losing the hope to get refund... Stay away!!"

Fallon Beyer says

"SCAM, all of the negative reviews on here are TRUE. I never leave negative reviews but my experience was awful. First time customer and never again. Promised merchandise would be here by Christmas, now after checking tracking, items on back order and other items delayed. Called and customer service told me they cannot even give me estimated arrival time. These products were all gifts. Just called to cancel order and was told cannot cancel order because products are already packaged (but products cannot be expedited ??) ...different story than my previous customer service call. Totally unprofessional and not how to treat customers, and the products are expensive. STAY AWAY"

Beatrice Brennan Wall says

"I ordered monogrammed pajamas for my 2 goddaughters on December 9th. The order was confirmed. Today, TEN days later, I got an email saying they cancelled the order because the pajamas were out of stock. These were supposed to be Christmas presents. Now it is too late to order something similar from somewhere else. Pathetic way to do business."

Lynn Hughes Fox says

"I just received the two ornaments in the mail and they came without a gift box lying in plastic, in a huge box with nothing to prevent them from being bounced around. This was a gift for someone who had a baby and one of the reasons I ordered from them is because they have a great gift wrap. I have never had such an awful experience with this company. It also took way too long to determine I needed a replacement order. Their inattentiveness to their customers is profound. Very disappointed and will not be shopping with them again."

Christine B says

"The one star is for Mary Rose, who was the only customer service representative to help me. I placed a very large order for our offices (via Business 2 Business service) and there is no point person who works with accounts - I asked multiple times. After finally placing this order (which took over a month due to unresponsiveness) the orders were sent out wrong (they were supposed to be monogrammed wit initials and were delivered blank). I then was told that the rest of the items were on back order until February, despite being given confirmation that my items were reserved on the day of payment. I normally don't write reviews 'complaining' because I know it's the holiday season and everyone is under a lot of stress, but this was absolutely insane. We placed a $4,000 order and still haven't received help despite numerous emails, phone calls, etc. I'm sure ordering one gift from them is fine, but if you are a larger company looking to place a bulk order - I highly suggest not doing that until they get a proper system with account representatives."

Madison N. says

"Terrible shipping experience for one. I ordered 2 monogramed jewelry boxes which basically got lost in transit. Mark and Graham's site showed them as delivered and the carrier showed as pending. When the package finally arrived nearly 3 weeks later, one of the boxes was missing the zipper pouch. On a more positive note, I will say that customer experience was great. However, I will not be ordering from Mark and Graham again due to shipping and missing items."

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